SEO for Solopreneurs

The minimum maintenance, maximum results guide to putting your traffic & sales on autopilot.

Who should take Effortless Output in Roam?

Picking the right book ain't easy and we know it that's why we make it easier with this list.

Freelancers & Entrepreneurs

Do more in less time by organizing all your knowledge and projects in one place.

Writers & Creatives

Seamlessly navigate and reference everything you've ever read and surprise yourself with new insights.

Lifelong Learners

Use Roam to accelerate and enhance the learning process, whatever you want to learn.

"It's mind blowing how much I learned. There are so many things I didn't even know I needed. It all builds on each other, and Nat lays out a really robust system for integrating everything. 10/10 would recommend.

- Joshua Mitchell

"Firstly Roam Research is the most amazing software, for student or business, or simply personal. I took Nat’s first course because I wanted to use it really efficiently and fully understand the power of it. Nat did a perfect job of taking me step by step, and most of the time when I was ready to ask a question, the next module answered it - sign of a well designed course. Thoroughly recommend it."

- Ian Traynar

"Nat's course is more than a tutorial, it is the foundation of a methodology upon which you can build your thoughts and process. As a tool, Roam is powerful - but without a strategy it is useless. This course helps you hit the ground running."

- Benjamin Von Wong

What's So Great About Roam Research?

The 80/20 of SEO for Creators & Entrepreneurs

SEO promises passive recurring traffic and revenue. But the industry makes it seem like a horribly complex mix of art and science.

SEO is not that complicated. It's actually extremely simple if you know the few things to focus on, and the 80%+ of things to completely ignore.

I've worked in SEO for over 7 years, built a 7-figure SEO agency, and my entire life is paid for by the SEO traffic my sites passively generate.

I know exactly which levers you can pull as a busy solopreneur to get the maximum results with your limited time, and this course is where I share that knowledge.

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"After spending all weekend going through Nat's course, I FINALLY GET IT. With every added note, I increasingly feel like the main character in Limitless after he takes the pill that unlocks the dormant part of his brain."
Kevin Lee
Prev. Principal VC at Pear Ventures

Learn SEO this Weekend

Could you spend months reading every SEO blog and watching every YouTube video on SEO? Yes. Do you need to? No.

SEO is extremely easy to waste time on. It's not clear what to do, so you try to do everything.

I'm lazy. I want to do some upfront work, then set it and forget it. So that's what I show you how to do in this course.

And since it's a choose-your-own adventure style self-paced course, you can work through the pieces you need now, and come back for more whenever you're ready.

"Nat’s course has not only helped get my head around the beauty of Roam – it’s simplicity and complexity, it’s also re-introduced frameworks of exploration that I’d never fully embraced in the past. That’s two for the price of one."

- Dominic Edmunds

"Before Nat’s course I had just started using Roam as a journaling and note taking tool, I loved its flexibility and I was sure I could do more with it but didn’t know how. Nat’s course was an eye opener and it really helped me expand my Roam usage in ways I wasn’t expecting like the task management, goal setting and CRM functionalities."

- Alan Silvestri

"The course made me a confident user of Roam, and I have started writing a lot in Roam along with personal knowledge management and project management. Your insights on using Roam are really helpful. Thank you for this wonderful course, looking forward to learning more from you."

- Deeraj Nagothu

What will you learn?

SEO for Solopreneurs covers everything you need to get and monetize search traffic.


Making Money

Traffic doesn't pay the bills. You'll learn how to turn your traffic into sales, whether that's creating new products or sending visitors to existing ones.


Authority Building

Along with content, you need a high-authority site that Google trusts. I cover common pitfalls as well as reliable strategies for building authority .


Content Creation

The core of this strategy is using content to capture traffic for the terms you're targeting. I show you how to easily create SEO-optimized pieces.


Keyword Research

SEO starts with finding the right terms to target. I cover how to do this quickly & easily so you know how much traffic you're targeting.

"I was lost with Roam at first, but Effortless Output made me really appreciate Roam and how it can help organize my tasks and knowledge. Especially your weekly projects and long term goals makes this the best Todo and reminder System in my opinion."

- Mario Thiel

"Practices I’ve tried to implement for years (Morning Journal, Personal CRM, Etc.) along with Daily/Weekly/Yearly planning became enjoyable with the mix of the tooling Roam offers and the action insights Nat provides. I recommend this course to both people that have heard Roam tossed around online and are curious along with seasoned vets on personal knowledge management as there will be something for both."

- Grant Horejsi

"Instead of trying to learn everything for myself, I signed up for Nat's Roam course. It was a worthy investment. He explains things in a clear way, and includes all the little, helpful shortcuts. Not only that, he shares his own workflows and techniques, which I've adopted as needed for myself. I'm so glad that I took it, making my transition over to Roam much smoother and with less time commitment."

- Erik Newhard

SEO for Solopreneurs Curriculum

Part 1: SEO Basics

The mindsets and mental models you need to succeed at SEO. Learn how to think like Google, what actually matters, mistakes to avoid, and why patience is so powerful.

Part 2: Keyword Research

How to do an hour or two of research that prepares you for a year of execution. Learn tricks to accelerate keyword research like auto-generating keywords and checking out your competition. And figure out what terms are worth targeting now or later.

Part 3: Creating Content for SEO

Learn how to create SEO-optimized content from your list of keywords. We cover creating articles for keywords vs. optimizing existing content, claiming your own terms, going after progressively harder keywords, and speeding it up with good tools.

Part 4: Building SEO Authority

Content alone is not enough, Google also needs to trust you. In this unit you'll learn sustainable ways to increase your site's authority, without sending tons of "PLEASE LINK TO ME" emails. We'll cover traffic generators vs. link bait, mistakes to avoid, using podcasts & communities, dead link recovery, and doubling your presence with YouTube.

Part 5: Technical SEO

Make sure your site is technically healthy and readable by Google. You'll learn the few bits of HTML you need to be familiar with, and how to set your site up for success. You'll also learn some good user experience principles to follow to make sure people stick around on your site.

Part 6: Tracking & Analytics

Learn what to track, how to track to it, and how often to look at it. And more importantly... how little to look at it! Learn how to use analytics to inform decision making without it turning into a huge time-suck.

Part 7: Monetization

Traffic doesn't put food on the table, sales do. Learn about the different ways to monetize your search traffic, focusing on ads, affiliates, and products.

Part 8: Making SEO-Focused Products

Learn how to spot product opportunities from the traffic you're already getting, and turn that traffic into passive income. We cover info products, courses, apps, physical products, and using SEO traffic to increase sales for anything you've already made.

Part 9: Creating SEO Sales Funnels

Learn how to create a sales funnel that turns cold SEO traffic into customers. Search traffic is rarely ready to buy right away, so putting the right funnel in place can dramatically help your conversion rate.

Part 10: Hiring Help

As your site grows, learn how to hire the best help you can and delegate parts of your SEO stragey to them. We cover hiring writers, freelancers, and agencies to augment your work.

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“I got inspired to completely revamp my eBook online presence. I got tons of knowledge and experience in his kick-ass book, which I finished in one energized breath.”
Helen Beane
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Nat Eliason

Nat has been working in SEO for over 7 years. His personal site,, is visited by over 250,000 people every month, primarily through SEO.

The SEO & Content Agency he founded, Growth Machine, does 7-figures a year in revenue and has helped clients like Adobe, Yelp, Brex, Four Sigmatic, Quickbooks, Kettle & Fire, and many more grow their search traffic.

And his work on SEO has been featured by TechCrunch, Shopify, Ahrefs, Mixergy, GrowthHackers, Clickminded, SEMRush, Indie Hackers, and many more.

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If you do all the work and you’re not happy with the outcome then you’ll get your money back. We are confident that you will create a perfect book template after reading our book, but this book is only for serious people, if you don't put in the work or you're not happy we will refund all of the money.

"Nat's course wasn't just a way for someone to learn how to use Roam, but a roadmap on how one can maximize the benefits. I literally would not be using Roam today if not for his course. Now I now only know why i'll keep using, but I now know why i'll never stop!"

- Jasper Sidhu

"Nat's Roam course got me from 0 to up-and-running confidently in just a few hours. The time I saved knowing I was using it correctly was easily worth the investment. Now Roam is one of my favourite tools."

- Graham Mann

"Nat’s passion and ability to communicate is the reason why I made the leap into Roam and why it clicked.  From how clearly and eloquently he made the case in "Why I love Roam and how I use it” to the energy and clarity with which he presented the material, it was evident that here was someone who believed in what he was saying, and wanted me to have the same experience."

- Onu Ocholi

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Which Version is Right for You?

"The Roam course really opened my eyes to all the different ways that Roam can be used. Before taking the course, I was using Roam as just a note taking app. Now, I'm doing habit tracking, productivity, project management, and even basic calculated tables."

- Brandon Brown

"What was extremely beneficial in the course was illustrating all the various shortcuts, menus and use of the side bar, which drastically improved my productivity within Roam. I adopted the templates and attributes which provided a solid starting point. I got inspired and excited watching your various workflows within Roam, particularly on writing articles."

- James Whelton

"I made the switch from Notion to Roam after watching Nat’s course. Roam can be intimidating in the beginning, but Nat does a fantastic job explaining how to easily use Roam to unlock its greatest potential. Every morning when i begin working, I copy and paste my pre-programmed template into the automatic “Daily Notes” page and I’m off to the races. I’ve seen a huge uptick in productivity since making the switch.”

- Austin Gray

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How much time will this take?
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"I figured myself to be a savvy productivity nerd. But Nat's methodical and well-thought-out workflow was extremely helpful in jump-starting my own journey into crafting my own customized Roam Research workflow. Saved me a tonne of time and I still find myself going back to Nat's video to check on specific items every now and then."

- Enoch Chhabra

"I took Nat's Roam Course and found it invaluable in giving me ideas on how to structure my own Roam. I like the use of metadata to create structure on the fly, and have tested a number of Nat's project templates while developing my own! The flexibility of the bi-directional linking, plus the initial framing and ideas I received from Nat's course have created a note-taking system that is genuinely delightful to use.

- Shiyan Koh

"I got in pretty early, but when I tried Roam on my own in December, it didn’t stick. Nat’s videos explained things so clearly and introduced me to new features that I didn’t know about. They gave me the foundation I needed to make Roam work for me. I’ve now integrated Roam into my workflow so much that it’s the first app I go to every day (Morning Pages are great!)."

- Kevin McMurphy